Our People

BILL REID – Principal Consultant

Bill has thirty-five years of oil industry accounting, financial control and auditing experience gained working with BNOC, Britoil/BP (as an employee) and over thirty international companies as a consultant auditor.  In the last 25 years he has led joint venture and contract audits around the world.  Bill has managed and performed a number of special financial exercises to maximise cost recovery and has developed an audit process that improves contract commercial performance.  He has designed and installed accounting systems, has acted as an expert witness in litigation and also as an Arbitrator. He has built and conducted training programmes covering joint venture accounting, auditing and contract audit.

ANDY KHOO – Principal Consultant

Andy joined Chevron Petroleum in 1979 and held a progression of positions within the Finance department.  In 1997 Andy embarked upon a career as an independent auditor and for almost twenty years he has worked worldwide performing joint venture audits on small, medium and large oil companies.  He has also undertaken a number of special financial projects.  Andy is fluent in English, Malay, Indonesian and Hokkien.

HELEN MCDONALD – Principal Consultant

Helen has over thirty-five years accounting and auditing experience in the industry. She began her career with Britoil (formerly BNOC) in 1981 working within the drilling section of the Finance dept. She worked in various roles within Britoil/BP before joining Lasmo North Sea, where she was initially responsible for all North Sea joint ventures.  Helen next spent several years on development projects before joining the Dacion Project in Venezuela where she was involved with the migration of financial and procurement systems, integration of both systems and cost recovery. Since 2003 Helen has been working as a consultant auditor performing protective, joint venture and contract audits on behalf of various companies around the world.

MIKE CURNYN – Principal Consultant

Mike has extensive experience of international joint venture activities gained over the last thirty-five years working with UK, US, European, Canadian and Middle Eastern oil & gas companies.  He has led reviews and audits of financial records to ensure compliance with oil industry agreements throughout the world.

Additional Consultants

IAAS is flexible and is focused on the niche market segments of joint venture and contractor auditing. IAAS can provide the services of  other well experienced consultants to supplement the team.